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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 14, 2014 2:37am-4:01am EDT

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martha vine yard last night. during the visit hillary clinton said she would hug out her differences with the president over foreign policy. abc's jonathan carl spoke with clinton before the big bash. >> reporter: the timing for this encounter between him ear clinton and president obama here at a mutual friend's party on martha's vineyard is a little bit awkward. comes just after secretary clinton offered some of her most pointed criticism yet of president obama's foreign policy. she tried to smoothhings over shortly before the party at a book signing here on martha's vineyard. take a look at what happened when i tried to ask her ha but the specifics? >> do you think he is handling the situation in iraq, would you do it differently? >> i'm excite add but signing books. >> mrs. clinton promised to hug it out with president obama. make no mistake if she decide to run for president this will not be the last time she find herself at odd with president obama. jonathan carl, abc news, edgartown, martha's vineyard.
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>> the white house put out the statement that the president and the clintons spent three hours together tonight. dined on surf and turf and pasta at the birr the day party. and the obamas, apparently, danced nearly every song. michelle, no word on whether that hugging took place. >> yeah, no official photo or anything of that. >> no cameras. >> a south carolina mom outraged after she was arrested for cursing at her children in public. danielle wolf, charged with disorderly conduct, shopping with her family. another shopper told police she used the f word. she was arrested in front of her husband and kids. wolf is due in court next month. >> in a suburb of orlando this morning, bear traps are still out despite the relocation of one bear family. a mother and her cubs were trapped, tranquilized and brought to a national forest yesterday. that after becoming a nuisance in one neighborhood. neighbors say the animals were making them feel like they were trapped. in their own homes. mean while, in suburban houston.
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more wildlife there. an alligator, decided to check out the inside of this junior high school building. there it its. for a while there, the gator blocked one of the entrances. deputies tried to capture it. see there dangling the rope. didn't really work out well. eventually they rounded it up and put him in the trunk of a squad car. the lesson there for students and teachers on campus. today for registration. scary sight. in your junior high school, day one. right? >> all right, a story like this was only going to come from silicone, silicone valley, rather. wait until you see the robot butler. >> here it is. 3 feet tall with a 7 inch tablet screen. and a painted on bow tie. when you call for something like towels or whatever. it is loaded on to a top scum apartment then programmed to bring your item right to your door. >> starts roaming the halls of the aloft hotel in silicone valley next week. and if the trial period goes well, all 100-plus, a-loft hotels could eventually get one
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of these. >> my question. maybe the future, do you have to give it a tip? >> might. might have to tip it. i wonder if it talks. >> or makes nices li s >> or makes nices ls noises lik. coming up allen the family. police say a mom and kids had quite a life of storm, stealing from stores in a sophisticated scheme. >> ahead, beauty pageant queen, busted for fraud. does she look like someone that is in so much pain she can't walk. >> later, the dancing with the stars pro known for his fancy foot work is sharing all new backstage secrets. you are watching "world news now." ♪ i want to dance ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by vista print. look younger in 8 weeks?
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♪ ♪ be caught stealing. but quite another to turn night a family business. >> that's just what one family from phoenix did, shoplifting hundreds of thousand of dollars in merchandise, even turning violent when they got caught. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: the cops say terry vargas is there stuffing stolen goods into a bag. she is picked up again, hurrying out of the mall in arizona with her alleged acokoccompliceaccom mario. phoenix police say mario vargas blasts him with pepper spray. cops say they have never seen anything like the gang they
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dubbed a family affair. >> never a family and especially at this magnitude. >> reporter: behind the tree the guard is trying to grab the brother and sister suspects beaten back by a cloud of spray. vargas and vargas make it to the get away car. their gang has stolen $15,000 of mid from victoria's secret and dillard's. their regular m.o. cops say one steals while another distraction clerks. and guards. >> they were relatively successful until we caught them. >> after two months on their trail, cops swooped on the residence, arresting, elizabeth, terry, lisett techlt, mario and jose. and allegedly finding this stash of stolen goods. >> they were trading these retail items for drugs but they were having yard sales. >> wasn't fancy things normal clothing furniture. >> reporter: mario vargas faces
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aggravated charge for pepper spray, and the family up on a raft of charges, theft, fraud and trafficking in stolen property. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> brazen. >> crazy. pepper spray there at the end incredible. interesting stat. $2 $35 million a day fly off the shelves, retailers, theft. one in 11 americans have shoplifted. >> yeah, authorities say 3/4 of adults and juveniles though don't plan it. it is never premeditated. more of an opportunity. >> on the fly. coming up we in produce you to some one who has taken theft to a whole new level. >> americans are pouring hundred of millions into their pockets of disability cheats. you don't believe who has been getting away with it. you are watching "world news now."
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♪ ♪ >> disability and workers comp were created to help americans who truly can't make a living off of working. >> yeah, con artists are cheating honest taxpayers out of hundreds of millions of dollars every year. and the problem appears to only be getting worse. >> increasingly investigators now learning how to outfox the clever cheats. and we're up all "nightline" with abc's neal karlinsky. ♪ >> reporter: at this year's miss toyota long beach grand prix beauty contest if there was an award for being a shameless con artist, california insurance officials say, shawna lynn palmer would take the crown. because while she was strutting the stage and wearing high heels, investigators say she was also collecting workers comp benefits claiming she couldn't place any weight on her foot, could not move it in any direction or wear a shoe for any length of time. after fracturing a toe at work
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in march. investigators described the case as just a slice of a multibillion dollar drag on the economy. to get an inside look, we recently took a float plane to washington state's remote san juan island along with an agent of the cooperative disability investigations program. a sort of csi unit for sniffing out social security disability fraud. armed with hidden cameras and posing as cell phone company workers, agents found their targets on one recent caseworking in a coffee shop. ramona hayes and cory eglash owners of the shamelessly named criminal coffee complete with a slogan, the place to come when you are on the run. both had claimed they couldn't work or in some cases even stand up very long. agent joe rodgers ran the investigation. both were incredibly chatty and
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seemingly perfectly able bodied. a far cry from their applications for disability payments. >> she has written here, i cannot work. due to anxiety, severe depression, ptsd. there are days when i cannot leave my home. >> reporter: the government was paying ramon na $1,000 a month in disability based on her application. that wasn't all. >> she received over $42,000 in social security. and another $15,000 from the state of washington. so, about $58,000 total. >> cory wasn't receiving disability yet. his application is what helped set off the red flag that brought agents to their door. >> his difficulty, lifting, squatting, bending, standing, reaching, sitting, kneeling, stair climbing, seeing, memory, completing task, using hands. getting along with others. >> pretty inclusive. >> reporter: the investigators dug up record that cory had a second job at a nearby aquarium.
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volunteered at a senior center. and even played basketball with the local rec league. >> do you play any at all? >> we get an application. trying to get on social security. we look at him, we discover him already on. >> reporter: both are now doing time in federal prison. ramona pleaded guilty to mail fraud. >> most everything we bake is gluten free. >> caller: cory convicted of conspiracy to defraud the united states and mail fraud, recently sentenced to 15 months in prison and $10,000 fine. meanwhile in california, the latest poster child in the fight against disability fraud is free on bail. i'm neal karlinsky for "nightline" in seattle. >> wow. just incredible investigations there. you have got to believe that all the work that went into just tracking down some of these people, there must be dozens more out there. >> yeah, they say this is just a real drop in the bucket. and every year social security
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pays out a whopping $170 billion in disability to people. so a big chung. and they're only able to catch a few. cameras are helping out that. >> they are for sure. coming up, stay with us, an old veteran lacing up for season 19 of dancing with the stars. >> before he takes to the dance floor, what derek hough is telling us this morning. learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft, and no one helps stop it better than lifelock. lifelock has the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. if mary had lifelock's bank account alerts, she may have been notified in time to help stop the damage. lifelock's credit notification service is on the job 24/7. as soon as they detect a threat to your identity within their network, they will alert you helping protect you before damage can be done to your identity. lifelock has the most comprehensive
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abc's "dancing with the stars" is gearing up for a whole new season with professional dancers announced on "good morning america." there are a few nubies competing for the mirror ball trophy. >> and familiar faces back on the show. five time champion, derek hough at it again. opening up about his time on and
2:56 am
off the dance floor in a tell-all book. kabc's reporter caught up with him. derek hough has 13 successful seasons of dancing with the stars behind him. right now focusing on his late accomplishment, he has writ in a book called "taking the lead, lessons from a life in motion." one thing we learn as a buy he was bullied. mainly by three brothers in his neighborhood. >> for me it was a learning experience. look back at that. definitely dent look at myself as the a victim, but more as a witness to, to, you know what was going on with them. >> reporter: derek's book has plenty of references to "dancing with the stars" but beyond his five first place finishes he gives you a glimpse inside how he prepares his various partners for the stage and the importance of what he is trying to share which goes way beyond dancing. >> the reason i call the book, lessons from a life in motion.
2:57 am
lessons are meant to be learned and relearned. because you have learned something doesn't mean you are going to, be congruent with that the rest of your life. you have to remind yourself. you have to go back. >> reporter: whether dancing, writing or living. derek learned one important lesson himself, pretty early on. something else he is passing on to his readers. >> if you feel like you have off to wait until you are ready, you are never going to diet. you are never going to feel like you are ready. sort of throw yourself into things. trust you will find a way. >> reporter: when it comes to dancing, derek says you need to be fueled by passion, not fame or fortune. he learned that early on too. >> when i competed, you know we didn't, we didn't really win anything. it was just like a feeling. yeah, i won. great. and then, that was it. ha-ha-ha. >> and now he has a world champion title, under 21 latin american dance. boy the pictures just incredible from his early days there. and you know something about
2:58 am
derek hough. >> yes. i do. >> what are you doing?
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this morning on "world news now" -- siege over. new marching orders for the american military sent to help iraqi refugees on a remote island. could the crisis be ending. >> racial unrest. tear gas set off overnight in ferguson, missouri where an unarmed teen was killed by police. new details about the officer who fire the shots. >> his face was swollen. so he obviously had been hit or punched or something like that. >> his injuries, the tension and the calls for calm. >> and home sweet store. a teenaged boy turns a wal-mart
3:01 am
into his temporary home for days. >> someone living there. has been living there for four days that's crazy. >> where he slept. where he ate. and what he did to avoid getting busted. it's thursday, august 14th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good thursday morning. i'm devin dwyer. >> i'm michelle franzen. >> surprising that no one in the wal-mart store saw that kid camping out in there, right? >> interesting to find out all the details on that coming up later. >> that's right. more to come on that. serious news to get started with. we begin, word from iraq, u.s. air strikes there have helped break the siege, by islamic militants. thousand of iraqi civilians trapped there are now freed. >> the pentagon says air drops of food and water also eased the crisis making a seventh delivery overnight to help remaining refugees. here's abc's karen travers in washington. >> it is now far less likely
3:02 am
that the u.s. military will conduct any rescue and evacuation missions in northern iraq. the pentagon said wednesday night there were far fewer refugees stranded on mount sinjar than anticipated. secretary of defense chuck hagel said u.s. humanitarian air drops of food and watt r were critical aid that made a difference. in the military, air strikes and isis targets allowed many displaced to escape. a team of 129 marines and special orss arrived in northern iraq this week to assess the situation on mount sinjar. >> you look at quarters, airlifts. you look at different ways to move people who are in a very dangerous place on the moun ton to a safer position. >> reporter: britain's prime minister indicated his country's support for whatever comes next. >> there are detailed plans being drawn up. britain will play a role just as we played a role with british planes and british aid helping to keep these people alive in a desperate situation. >> reporter: despire the clear risks for a rescue, the obama
3:03 am
administration insisted. >> the role of u.s. forces is not one of reentering combat on the ground it is providing humanitarian assistance to this affected population. >> reporter: wednesday night the u.s. military conducted a seventh humanitarian aid drop on the mountain range. in five days the u.s. military has delivered more than 114,000 meals. and more than 35,000 gallons of water to the displaced and desperate yezidis. the white house said wednesday there needs to be a lasting solution to guarantee their long term safety. karen travers, abc news, washington. >> israel and hamas are extending a temporary cease-fire for five days. this gives both sides a chance to continue negotiating a long-term truce at meetings being held in egypt. the head of the palestinian delegation says progress has been made but obstacles still remain. and despite the cease-fire talks, there are still sporadic attacks. an associated press video
3:04 am
journalist at a freelance palestinian translater working with him were killed when ordinance left over from the war exploded in gaza. police engineers were working to defuse the ordinance, when the accident happened four police officers died. >> in massachusetts a frightening ride on a ferry. a giant wave slammed into the boat on the way to boston. knocking out the engine. on the way from provincetown, cape cod when a 20 foot wall of water stunned passengers. the boat regained some power and made it to port. the captain suffered cuts to his hand. thankfully no one else was hurt. >> moon while, many towns across here in the northeast were completely swamped with torrential rain yesterday. rescuers had to wade through waist deep water to save this man. he was trapped in his car after underestimating just how deep the floodwaters were. things were even worse on long island, new york. cars flooded out and abandoned on roads after more than 13
3:05 am
inches of rain fell in eight hours. >> tensions between police and residents have build over again in suburban st. louis. officers including some on an armored truck pointed weapons at protestors last night. they also used tear gas and smoke bombs to disperse the crowd. the ferguson police chief says race relations are a top priority in the city. he talked to abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: the protests continue down the streets of ferguson. they were demanding answers in the police shooting of the unarmed teenager at the center of this growing movement. the city is so torn that the police chief scheduled to meet with the victim's family. with death threats coming in daem, police refuse to identify the officer who gunned down 18-year-old michael brown, just two days before he should have started college. and itf it comes done to a lawsuit police promise to appeal the issue to the highest court. they argue there was a fight at
3:06 am
the scene and told us the officer was injured in the scuffle and had to be treated at a hospital. >> his face was swollen. he had obviously been hit or punched or something like that. >> reporter: tear gas has been filling the air. and bullets are lighting up the night. even shooting at police helicopters. the faa is so concerned they have issued a no-fly zone covering the entire city. we met brandon lee, a student and photographer who says the young people clashing with police aren't thugs. but this is civil disobedience. he asked us to show these pictures of people cleaning the streets. >> i understand where they're coming from, dng the looting and robbing. this country, it has come on, look on the news. no jobs. all of us in prison. >> reporter: to prevent scenes like this, the city is now asking people who live here to march and protest during day light hours. the families here tell us they should be able to march whenever they like. steve osunsami, abc news, ferguson, missouri.
3:07 am
>> details about the new hampshire teen missing for nine months. abigail hernandez disappeared last october on her way home from school. she finally came home last month, her attorney now says she was violently abducted and, quote, suffered numerous acts of unspeakable violence while missing. the attorney says she is getting professional help. a man is in custody charged with her kidnapping. >> the father of the race car driver who was killed last weekend in upstate new york is speaking out. kevin ward jr.'s dad says there is no reason for the crash that killed his son. ward jr. died after being struck by the car driven by nascar star tony stewart. his father says stewart was apparently the only driver that didn't see ward jr. on the track. know charges filed against stewart. but they're still possible. >> a woman who flew from san jose to southern california on southwest air loins without a ticket was sentenced to 1727 days in jail for violating her probation.
3:08 am
marilyn jean hartman spotted, last week, after she was ordered to stay away. the judge scolded hartman for wasting law enforcement resources at one of the nation's busiest airports. >> topping our health headlines this morning. a major new study finds low salt diets may be a health risk. the report questions conventional wisdom that most people should cutback on salt. it suggests the amount of salt consumed by most people is okay for heart health. and too little of it could be as bad as consuming too much. the american heart association disputes the new findings and still recommend just 1,500 milligrams of salt a day. >> burger king is making another menu move. dropping its lower calorie french fries. the so-called safisfries have been offered less than a year. the company gave franchisees, the option of keeping them earlier this week. only a third of restaurants opted to continue selling them. sales were never strong because
3:09 am
of some apparent confusion over what made them healthier than other fries. i didn't get a chance to ever try those did you? >> i didn't get a chance to try those either. i understand they're actually more expensive than regular fries. and turns out that, a small mcdonald's regular french fry has fewer calories than a small satisfry. >> not satisfying. >> french fries are french fries. should be fried. probably not all great for you. moving on from french fries. talk about the world's most expensive hot dog. served by a food truck in seattle, called tokyo dog. >> this is no ballpark frank here. a foot-long, smoke, cheese, bratwurst, butter, tear yak key grilled onions and mushrooms, there is beef, shaved black truffles, caviar, if that is not enough, japanese mayo. >> comes on a buttery brioche
3:10 am
b bun. the price tag. $169. 1-6-9. how about a hot dog, $1.69. relish, ketchup. mustard. >> old school on that. [ burp sound effect ] >> thank you, guys. coming up from the hot degree to the world's most spoiled dog. the pet showered with indulgences see this later in "the mix." >> later indulging yourself with cool treats to eat and drink and add pizzazz to your menu with help from our favorite gourmet. you are watching "world news now." ♪ hot fun in the summertime >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by charmin ultramega roll. with charmin ultra mega roll?
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i just want to run away ♪ >> well, sometimes you just want to run away or get away. but if you remember being a teenager those options can be a bit limited. >> so one texas boy decided of all places to run to, it would be wal-mart. turning the store into his own hideaway. abc's ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: workers at this wal-mart in a dallas suburb getting a huge surprise. a 14-year-old boy found living in the store for days. these photos show the two places
3:15 am
where the boy hid. this one in a display of baby products and strollers. and one behind the stack of paper towels and toilet paper. a scene reminiscen't of "where the heart is" pregnant natalie portman forced to live in wal-mart after being abandoned by her boyfriend. >> there are worse places to stay then this. >> reporter: customers are stunned. >> you never expect there is some one living there for four days. that is crazy. >> reporter: the teen apparently stole items from the store to eat. and slept in this make shift bed to. avoid suspicion, the boy even took clothes from the rack, changing his outfit every few hours, even using diapers instead of the bathroom, to avoid detection. >> i'm wondering what his parents think. and how come he didn't come home. or why aren't they worried about him. >> reporter: it was this trail of trash that led wal-mart workers to his hiding place. the boy tried to run off but was caught before he could get away. it doesn't appear the boy is
3:16 am
homeless. state officials say he was living with relatives when heap disappeared. the boy is back with his parents, but still unanswered why he chose to hide in the store for so long. ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> you know we talked abut this before, about, you know they don't know why he stayed in the store so long. we also don't know why cameras or any one else didn't notice him there. >> wal-mart says they're looking night. if you are a 14-year-old, would seem to be the ultimate pad, flat screen tv's. i used to work there the i know all the secret spots. the snacks. dvds, pillows. set up camp. have a great life there. >> you have all the tip
3:17 am
3:18 am
>> welcome back, now officially into the dog days of summer. if the heat is making you feel a bit wilt weed have easy, breezy summertime treats. joining us this morning, america's chief entertaining officer, tim laird. thank you for joining us. thank you for being here. >> great to be here. >> we have a cocktail to kick it off. >> we do. talk about ways to beat the heat. get something refreshing. this is what i call a melon slushy. i love this. you can use watermelon, cantaloupe. today, honeydew melon. put it in the freezer a bit. put three cups into a blender. to that i add two ounces of honey syrup. one part honey. one part water. all it is. 2 ounces of that. then 1 ounce of freshly squeezed lime juice. got to have the fresh lime juice to give it sdmrip azip and tast. then spice, fresh tarragon leaves, give it an herbal. i like to kick it up. leave it as is. want to really kick it up. i use 2 ounces of tequila.
3:19 am
2 ounces of that go in. boom. just like that. that's my 2 ounces. >> like 4 there. >> other 2 ounces might not be that. give that a quick blend. and there you go. there you have it. actually made one earlier without the tequila. got a lot of work to do. >> we do. >> everything without -- without tequila. see what you think. >> mason jars. >> picnic. give it a shake before you have it. >> fantastic. melon. good texture in there. good taste of lime. >> very refreshing. another idea. at parties or want to take a party to go on a picnic. like to take lemonade, iced teas and kick it up with a little bit of black berry syrup, strawberry syrup, watermelon syrup. found this on line. and this is a great blackberry syrup. dash in there. you get a blackberry lemonade. blackberry iced tea. >> that's sweetened. >> little bit goes a long way. really tastes great.
3:20 am
black berry lemonade, black berry iced tea. delicious. fabulous. another great idea. something easy. i believe, devin, easy entertaining. all this is skewer of feta, watermelon, mint. you can present it like we did on a watermelon. very nice. >> goes well on a picnic. take it with you. really easy to pack and go. >> it is. the saltiness and feta, sweetness of the melon, mint kicker. perfect. >> anyway. another thing i love during the heat, are chilled soups. just love it. nice, refreshing. you can't beat a good gaspacho. in here, one can of diced tomatoes. >> here you go. >> half a cup of cucumber. half red pepper in there. little built onion. >> red onion. >> garlic. >> got to have the garlic. >> garlic. little red wine vinegar. cumin goes in. by the way all recipes on your
3:21 am
site. go to "world news now." >> facebook fan page. >> worcester. whip it up. >> make this a day ahead. >> you want to. chill it. keep it chilled. all ingredients come together a day ahead. nice and refreshing. >> isn't it great. >> cucumber sandwiches. secret is a little cream cheese. add a little dry ranch mix to it. do that overnight. >> so versatile. >> oh, yeah, absolutely. seasons it up. do it overnight. spread a little on it. fresh cucumbers. go out. >> wrap it up with something sweet. >> here it, peach mousse, real peaches, sugar free orange gelatin, honey. >> like pudding. >> light. use that nonfat whipped cream if you want to put it in there. or go all fat. any way, light, airy. america's chief entertainer, grit to have you, tim. find all our recipes this
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morning on our facebook page, stay with us. you are watching "world news now." ♪ hot fun in the summertime
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[ male announcer ] don't wait. call today to request your free decision guide and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. and now it is time for "the mix." you like dogs don't you? >> i love dogs. >> i have a dog. my dog is not as pampered as this dog you will see. meet chloe, princess pom. pomeranian. spoiled like no other dog i heard before. might be the most pampered pooch ever. he has 250 outfits. more outfits than i have in my closet. bows, hats. tiaras. that is the owner there. she says she is not rich. but if she had more money she would lavish a lot more on her. >> my favorite thing about this story, she says she prefers to carry her in her $1,500, louis
3:26 am
vuitton carry bag, doggy pram. treat your dog like that. speaking of designer apparel. take a look. meet the python in indonesia that likes wearing a frog for style. that's right. together in captivity. a true python normally eats frogs. a green tree frog. they're best buddies now. no sign of aggression here. they look so cute together don't they. >> they look adorable. almost looks photo shopped. >> sticky fingers there work out perfectly. >> you know what it is still a snake. we have been covering of course the, the ice bucket challenge all week showing different clips. well we are going to show you an extreme one now. this one out of canada, canadian hockey player, decided to do it his way. on top of the glacier of course. filling up buckets of water. and dumping them from a helicopter up above. all the while, he is shaking and wearing a speedo.
3:27 am
>> only a pro-hockey player. >> here it goes. and slow motion. >> oh, yikes. >> extreme. >> icy water coming down giving me a chill. >> he laid down a challenge to several others and lebron james. >> interesting to see if the guys follow through. everybody it seems could be catching on to this now. look at that. >> that's pretty good. >> that's pretty good. >> there on that thing. >> finally want to introduce you to this couple that did the ultimate sailing adventure around the world. they survived off to tell about it. meet clive and jane green of the uk. they spent 16 years sailing on a 35-foot boat around the world. 50,000 miles, 56 countries. there they are. and they have unbelievable stories to tell. in fact, one of them. >> maybe. >> they had just gotten married there. having a few drinks too apparently. one of the stories they told is
3:28 am
to find food in one remote fiji island. she had to trade her bra
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- showdown in missouri. police in a st. louis suburb use tear gas to confront racial unrest. the growing tension in a town where an unarmed teen was shot by police. >> fight ebola, one of the american missionaries infected by the vicious virus in africa her struggle to recover. her husband in isolation speaks out. >> in fear at the fairground. a girl's dangerous fall from a thrill ride. the scary sight for eyewitnesses and what doctors are saying about the victim. >> made in your debut, michael jackson's new music video released just hours ago. our first look at how it is already making history. that's in "the skinny" on this thursday august 14th.
3:31 am
>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm michelle franzen. >> i'm devin dwyer. always great to see new michael jackson music coming out. that escape album is so fun. >> amazing. we begin this half-hour with escalating violence in suburban st. louis following the shooting of an unarmed team. >> heavily armed police in. ferguson this morning, using tear gas and smoke bombs on the crowd after at least one person threw a flaming bottle. abc's jim ryan filed this report for us from the scene. >> reporter: wednesday's demonstration was much like the ones monday and tuesday. a crowd of protesters including some adults with children in strollers singing, chanting, some praying and some taunting a line of police in riot gear. protesters, about 200 of them, told to stay back 25 feet from the police and two armored personnel carriers. and most complied.
3:32 am
just after sunset, someone threw an object at one of the officers, one more warning was issued and tear gas was fired into the crowd. people scattered to the north on florrison avenue, and a short time later, percussion grenade were deployed. police on foot and in vehicles chased the demonstrators from the area. the violence followed a tuesday protest that ended peacefully and appeals from the police chief to clear the streets by night fall. the latest incident happened a block from the spot where 18-year-old michael brown was shot to death by police saturday a killing that has now prompted four nights of protests. jim ryan, abc news, st. louis. >> the police chief in ferguson is refusing to name the officer who fired the shots which killed michael brown. the chief did reveal to abc news the officer sustained facial injuries in the incident. >> now to the humanitarian crisis in iraq. the pentagon says air strikes and air drops have broken the siege on that mountain where so many refugees have been stranded. that means that a rescue which could have i involved u.s. grou troops has been put on hold.
3:33 am
the seventh drop of food and water was carried out last night. >> and the pope is in south korea this morning, marking the first papal visit there in 25 years. among those greeting pope francis as he stepped off the plane, relatives of the south korean ferry sinking that killed more than 300. not to be outdone, north korea made its presence felt by firing off three short-range missiles just moments before the pope arrived. >> well this morning, liberia has received the last known doses of an experimental ebola drug. the company which makes zmapp is not prepared to make the drug widely available at this time despite assurances by the world health organization. both the americans who got the drug are doing better. for an update here is abc's paula faris. >> reporter: the american missionary couple kept apart by one of the world's deadliest diseases. nancy writebol in isolation in atlanta stricken with ebola which has no known cure. david writebol in quarantine in
3:34 am
charlotte being watched to see if he develops the disease. telling abc news he is cautiously optimistic about his wife's health. >> what is the latest with your wife nancy? >> her voice is clearer an brighter. still very weak. moving in the right direction. making good progress although we are still not quite ready to say she its out of the woods yet. >> reporter: it has been 11 days since missionary doctor ken brantley was flown back to the u.s. nancy followed soon after. both have received an experimental drug and those supplies now exhausted. his last physical contact with nancy was in liberia nearly a month ago through protective gloves. >> i patted her to let her know i was there and loved her. >> reporter: david remains in quarantine unsure when he will be cleared. but says when he is released his first stop will be atlanta
3:35 am
to see his wife of 40 years. michelle and devin. >> thank you, paula. a young girl in upstate new york is nursing a broken arm after a dangerous fall. the 12-year-old injured after falling ten feet from the sky flier ride at the eerie county fair. ride operators believe the girl wasn't properly secured. and boarded the ride when the person checking the riders didn't see her. >> she couldn't find a way to get in. she was trying to get up. a couple second later it just flew up in the air. >> operators say there was no mechanical failure involved in the incident. to avoid a repeat though an additional person is being added to check the riders are securely in their seats. >> now to a terrifying ordeal for passengers aboard a ferry on cape cod bay. a rogue wave, at least 20 feet high, came crashing down on the ferry knocking out the engine and two windows near the captain. passengers scrambled for life jackets as water gushed from the ceiling. the boat regained some power and slowly made it back to boston with a coast guard escort.
3:36 am
the captain was treated for cuts to his hand. thankfully no other injuries. emergency crews on the move in the southwest after heavy monsoon rains there yesterday. a man sleeping under a bridge in albuquerque was swept away. he had to be rescued from a flooded waterway. you see him there. firefighters tossing a rope and pulling him to safety. several others were also rescued from flood waters in the same area. >> a look at today's weather. there will be more heavy rain flooding all the way up in northern maine. thunderstorms over parts of louisiana and florida. and the eastern, 2/3 of the nation though will be sunny and clear. out west, heavy rain with severe thunderstorms in the rocky and cascade mountain regions. >> temperatures will be moderate on both coasts and the great lakes. but hot in the midwest and southwest. with phoenix hitting 102. >> now to a mother in texas who could not be more thankful this morning. her son cory almanza was
3:37 am
involved in a car wreck in may. it left him in a coma. and for months cory was unable to move or communicate. then suddenly this past weekend that all changed. >> we were just sitting there talking to him like we always do. and he just starts following our voices. and he is looking at me. then his sister starts talking. he turns and looks at her. and he was just following us, it was amazing. >> cory is now doing physical therapy at their home. some of his football teammates have also come to visit. and cory has told them that he wants to go to practice. they say, "no you don't." >> that is just incredible. five months in a coma. you think so many people would begin to give up hope after that long. without reaching their, their son. >> and his mom was very thankful. she said she had to thank god when he came out of the coma. so beautiful story. >> incredible what the brain can bounce back from, right? >> yes. >> moving on now to tiger woods and more evidence just how bad his aching back really is.
3:38 am
woods says his doctors advised him not to play or practice golf right now. he says his back muscles need time to heal and be rehabbed. wood missed the cut at last weekend's pga championship. and now removed himself for consideration for the next month ryder cup matches. >> snow -- now to a remarkable athlete -- so remarkable, we thought she is the star of our "favorite story of the day." >> she is 99-year-old ida keeling who just set a new world record for her age group of 99 in the 100-meter dash. incredible. ida, great, great grandmother. she stands 4'6", just 83 pounds. >> at a meet in akron, ohio she blazed the 100 meters in 59.8 seconds. she also holds the age group record in the women's indoor 60-meter dash. way to go, ida. >> love that. says she got into running in 1967 after sad news. two sons were murdered three years apart. says it raised her spirits. i love her advice.
3:39 am
she said in an interview -- "do what you need to do, not what you want to do." get out there and getter excise. >> she said get that exercise. that's right. what an inspiration. i love her. >> great motion there on the track. >> coming up in "the skinny." j.lo showing some moves she has still got it. racy new shots just out. you want to see them. >> first understanding your cravings for certain foods and what your brain is trying to tell you. when you got to have some carbs. you are watching "world news now." ♪ and constant cravings ♪ has always been >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lyesol. you can't be there for your kids 24/7. that's why lysol has partnered with over two million teachers to educate kids with healthy habits programs.
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♪ and constant craving ♪ has always been >> everybody is craving something. and you might even be hearing that little voice calling you to dig around the kitchen right now. >> that's right, carbs, sweets, salt, fats, crunchies, the food you thing you can't live without could be your body trying to tell you something. here's abc's abbie boudreau with more. ♪ could your cravings be clues that something is eating at you? let's start with the oh, so common caffeine craving. >> a lot of people crave caffeine. so what does it say about them? >> it might say that they just need some satisfaction. that maybe something is going on in their life they think that is
3:42 am
♪ take me to a beach without your name ♪ >> and there was even a tweet from michael jackson announcing the new video. some find that a little bit more than creepy. >> hmm. >> vintage michael though, the song. >> it is. has a nice feel to it. love the songs on the new album. the video, pretty straight forward here. someone in the office said it looks a little look a jeep commercial. little product placement maybe. >> little product placement. >> fun. >> moving on to another music star. celine dion putting her career on hold for a little bit. she canceled her concerts and las vegas show to focus on her family. >> the five-time grammy award winning singer cleared her schedule to be at her husband's side he battles throat cancer. dim. on and 72-year-old andre angelo are a few months shy of their 20th wedding anniversary. she says she wants to devote every ounce of her energy and she says she wants to devote every ounce of her energy and resolve high traffic foam.
3:43 am
its foam power removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone. all while neutralizing pet odors. don't just vacuum clean . resolve clean. >> treasures can be hiding in some of the strangest places. and sometimes right in your nose. a woman inherited some old baseball cards and turned down an offer of $5,000 for them. >> good thing she did. now the cards could pull in 200 times the amount. the antiques road show program on pbs calls this find the biggest sports treasure trove in their history. abc's linsey davis has more. >> reporter: at first glance, you might not size her up as a baseball enthusiast. but this woman on an upcoming episode of "antiques road show" has just hit a home run.
3:44 am
making news in america this morning, developing right now, a night filled with tear gas, smoke bombs and violence. as new protests erupt over the police involved shooting of a teen, new video from the clashes with police. on board emergency. a rogue wave smashes into a packed ferry breaking windows, terrifying passengers. new pictures of the damage from inside the cabin. violent explosion. manhole covers ripped from the street with people standing nearby. what caused the city's sewer system to ignite. treasure trove. the million dollar discovery one woman made in her attic.


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